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Optimized Web Hosting - Not Email Hosting

We are focused on optimized web hosting, and no longer officially support email hosting, due to the complexities of spam filtering, server blacklist management, increased data storage, required advanced DNS configuration (SPF, DKIM, DMARC), and the high levels of technical support required.

We no longer offer email hosting on our newer web servers at all, as they are optimized for high-speed website performance. Our legacy email hosting service is no longer great for important business or personal use, and the speed or reliability is no longer guaranteed.

NOTE: We may be cancelling all legacy email hosting completely in the next 6-9 months, please migrate your email ASAP.

We highly recommend the following domain name email mailbox hosting providers (priced yearly or $1-6/month per user), in order of price:

  • MXRoute: From $49 per year with unlimited domains AND mailboxes... simple, reliable email hosting, with reseller options, and lifetime deal options!
  • Neo Business Email: A new low-cost and feature-rich business-class email hosting provider, from $2/mailbox/month.
  • Rackspace Email: Popular basic service, from $3/mailbox/month.
  • Microsoft 365: Can be finicky with poor support, but people love it, from $5/user/mo.
  • Google Workspace: The "gold standard", Gmail for your own domain, ultra-reliable, superb spam filtering, from $6/mailbox/mo.

Many domain registrars provide free domain email forwarding for free or small yearly costs.

Free and paid domain email forwarding services (no mailbox storage):

We highly recommend using one of the above services for your email and migrate away from our older lite web server-based email service ASAP, especially if email is vital to you and your business, and reliability and spam filtering is a priority.

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