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We highly recommend using a free Cloudflare account to host your domain's DNS.

Be sure to invite our account as a member to your account right away, so we can also manage any future DNS changes required.

Cloudflare provides high-speed global DNS and content delivery, using dozens of edge servers around the world to cache your site content, speeding up page load times. It also scans and protects your website and our servers from bot attacks, malware infection and hacking attempts, and vulnerable security holes.

Sign up here right away:

It will ask you to choose a plan, and we recommend the free plan, shown under the 3 paid plan boxes. The $20/month plan has a few additional benefits that you may want to consider, but we've seen no performance differences.

After signing up, there are 3 simple steps:

  • Be sure to verify your email address first, by clicking the link they email to you after signing up.
  • Go to Members > Invite and send an invite to right away. Your email must be verified first. This allows us to manage any future DNS changes needed if we rebalance our servers, moving your website to newer or less busy servers, etc.
  • Log in to your domain registrar, and set the domain's name servers to the two that Cloudflare assigns to your domain. You can also give us access to your domain registrar account, and we can update the name servers for you.

Once the name servers are set, those changes will propagate within a few minutes to a few hours, and then Cloudflare will be protecting your website, and speeding up the page load times.

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