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Add Us As a Member or Delegate To Your Domain Registrar

It's best to ensure we have access to make any DNS changes on your domain name as needed, in case of a server issue, moving websites to newer or faster servers, etc.

If Using Register Wizards

If your domain name is registered with our own AND using our ns3/ DNS, we already have access, and you don't need to do anything else. If you're using Cloudflare DNS, jump to the Cloudflare section below please. If using a different DNS service, look into adding us to your account, or just send us your login info.

If Using Other Registration Providers - Find Yours Below

If your domain is registered with another domain registration provider, you can usually add us to your account as a delegate or member, so we can securely access the domain DNS (without requiring your current login information, we use our own login). You can revoke access at any time as well if need be.


Cloudflare supports inviting our support email address as a member of your account. First, be sure your email is verified, as it won't let you send invites until it is. Go to Manage Account > Members, then enter in our support email address (support at, and click Invite. We will accept the invite shortly.

More info:
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Cloudflare Multi-User Accounts

Google Domains

Google Domains supports sharing access of your domain, click on the domain > Registration Settings > Domain Permissions > Add User, then enter in our support email address (support at We'll accept the invite shortly. More info: Domain management sharing


GoDaddy supports adding a delegate to your account. Go to Account > Delegate Access, and click Invite, then enter in our name (Press Wizards) and email (support at, and choose an access level (usually Products and Domains, or Domains Only), then click Invite. We'll accept the invite shortly. More info: Invite A Delegate


Namecheap supports adding us to your account via Shared Access. On the domain, click Manage, then click Sharing & Transfer, then under Share Access > New Manager, add our username "presswizards", and click Add. Choose the permissions (Advanced DNS), confirm your Namecheap password, and click Confirm. More info: Share Access To My Domain

Other Registration Providers (eNom, Network Solutions,,

Other providers may not support sharing access. You have two options:

  • Send us your account login info, we can use that. It may require receiving verification codes that expire within minutes - we may have to reach out to you and coordinate logging in together.
  • Log in and look for sharing access or adding delegates/collaborators/members - or you may have to contact their support about how to do it in their system.

Please email us if you run into any issues, we can help point you in the right direction.

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